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So… I’m a guy on a mission – I was asked to crawl the entire web and find the coolest guys promise rings I could find.

Fun task - hell yes,  an easy one - hell no.

The reason is that I had to try and think about ALL GUYS and not just me.

Some like classic designs, some like playful, some are 18 years old and some maybe 22 and into different things. 

Either way, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and here are the results for the most amazing promise rings for men that I could find, and here is the list:

Promise Rings for Geeky Guys or Young at Heart

Apparently, there is a geek in almost all of us guys. So let the geeky rings parade begin:

  1. Lord of the Ring Rings -
    How can you start without the one and only "The One Ring"? 
    Lord of the Rings Ring

  2. Star Wars Rings - It's a timeless classic!
    Aside from the material and color of the ring, all you need to decide is if he is a good guy or a bad guy?

    Is with the rebels or the empire? (or maybe he's a Jedi?)
    Guys Star Wars Ring

  3. The Super Guy -
    Superhero rings are it! And there is a ring for every hero.
    Here are a few examples:

    1. Batman Rings

    2. Superman Rings

    3. Wonderwoman Rings
      This is a side note for these - if you are into couples promise rings, making sets, we also have amazing Wonderwoman rings that will make the perfect match.

      Here are a few superior examples:
Wonderwoman Ring
Superman Ring
Batman Ring


Promise Rings for the Active Guys

One of the coolest new trends for the past couple of years is the silicone rings.

With the tech today these rings are extremely comfortable, come in amazing colors and styles. They are great for sportsman or guys that work with their hands (as it may help to avoid injuries). 

One of the pioneers in the field is Enso Rings.

Their rings are extremely practical, comfortable and breathable. And you gotta see their commercial!


Here are a couple of their designs:


* Important note: Enso Rings have also cool designs for women...

Elegant and Classic Promise Rings

Combined wood with tungsten promise ring

After fun and games come work. In the elegant section of this post, we tried staying away from the common rings you often see and really get you a few examples of the unique designs that are out there today.

  1. Wooden Promise Rings
  2. Black Promise Rings
  3. Combined materials

This gorgeous ring on the right, for example, features a combination of tungsten caribe and wooden inlay. I just love it!

Personalized Promise Rings for Men

If you're a woman looking to buy the ring for your boyfriend and you'd like to increase the chances that he'd wear it (because not all guys wear promise rings) - There is nothing better than adding a little personal touch to it.

And if you're a guy wishing to make one of a kind ring - that works as well.

Today, there are tons of ways to do so and there are vast collections of personalized promise rings.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Engraved Promise Rings
    You can add your names, initials, the date you've met. There are endless combinations to make it truly your own. A one and only ring. In fact, one of the most amazing rings I've seen has the lyrics of your favorite song...

  2. Birthstone Rings - 
    With any number of stones - one to match his birthday or two stones if you want both of yours. Truth be told, these are more feminine in nature and it is hard to find one a guy would wear (but they do exist :) ).

  3. Fingerprint Rings
    I love this one. I think it is very cool.
    The problem is that it is a bit hard to do as a surprise because you'd need to send the picture of your fingerprint.

Found any cool men's rings I've missed?
Please let me know :)