Promise Rings

Do Guys Wear Promise Rings?

do guys wear promise rings

The short answer – Guys do wear promise rings!

In fact, there are extremely cool guys and men promise rings these days that would make it easy for even guys that are not used to wearing rings fall in love with one (and I’ll share more tips on that below).

But there’s more to it…

A promise ring means love, devotion, and commitment.
You feel exactly that and you want to show it!

Whether he bought you a promise ring and you want to “return” the favor (in that case PLEASE share with us how he gave the ring) or you want to be the one to make the first step (good for you!) – as I mentioned the answer is a definite yet but there’s a bit more to it…


First, because my “husband to be” wears his promise ring 🙂
But also because promise rings for men is a HUGE section in most of the big jewelry retail stores.

And they make the coolest rings for them… from Star Wars rings to the younger more playful guys to more elegant grey or wooden like rings and even silicone rings to fit the “active guy”…


Take Zales for example… inside Zales promise rings division there is a huge collection specifically for men… But don’t stop there, the entire concept of promise rings for couples is obviously based on the idea that men would wear their half of the set…



Of course NOT!

If your guy looks like the one here at the top then another ring here or there won’t matter 🙂

But as far as other guys – not all are the same.

Isn’t your boyfriend one of a kind? Perfect like no other?

Since I assume the answer to both questions is yes then I assume you can agree with me that not all guys are the same and therefore there is no one right absolute answer to your question… The best example is to look at promise rings compared to engagement rings – but in the male version – do all guys wear wedding rings?



Since you are here and probably asked yourself the question “whether guys do wear a promise ring?”- I can assure you are not 100% of the answer as for your boyfriend. In that case, I would use the KISS Principle – “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

Stick to the basic guys promise rings designs that most men would like:

  1. Black promise rings
  2. Stainless steel promise rings
  3. Titanium promise rings
  4. Silicone Promise Rings

I would avoid in cases of uncertainty rings with stones etc. that from my experience and knowledge are harder for men not used wearing rings.

Guys Batman Promise Ring

The second thing you can do is to go for something more personalized. This can be done by either buying a ring that would speak to his hobbies or a favorite movie – like Batman Rings here on top or the one and only “my precious” here on the bottom.

Another way to increase the chances he’d wear his ring is to go for a personalized promise ring.

There are tons of ways to do it – for example, there are engraved promise rings where you can add your names, the date you’ve met or simple “love words”. You can even engrave the notes of your favorite song (I adore this ring…):

personalized engraved promised ring

Last but not least in the personalized section there are the fingerprint rings… A very cool gift. All you got to do is send a picture and they will imprint your fingerprints on the ring.

And if ALL FAILS, there is still a way – for those guys who really don’t like wearing rings, you may try opting for a promise necklace

I hope you got the answers you were looking for. And if not… reach out and I’ll do my best to answer!

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