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How Much are Promise Rings?

First I want to begin by saying the obvious… There is no right price as for how much one should spend on a promise ring – whether it is a ring for him or for her. With that in mind, I bet you’d still like to know how much you should spend because you don’t want to come off cheap nor to get misinterpreted as for the meaning of the ring.

I’m a numbers girl so I’ll use all available numbers that I can find to try and come up with some sort of answer…

How Much Do Promise Rings Cost?

Promise rings cost between $50-$1,000.

These numbers are based on what is called the chunky middle – meaning where 80%-90% of ring buyers are at. Of course, there are some willing (and able) to spend above a $1,000 but then, to my opinion, the difference between the promise ring and engagement ring becomes blurry. And you can also get rings for $5 but there is an “additional cost” to those rings which is the quality of the material and it’s endurance to time (or lack of it).

Now I know $50 to a $1,000 does not give you the answer to know how much you should really spend, so…

How Much Does an Average Promise Ring Cost?

There is a price difference between men’s promise rings and women’s promise rings.

The reason being that ladies promise rings are often decorated with various gems – from diamonds to sapphires – while men’s promise rings are usually affected by the price of the metal. I’ll elaborate later below.

But with that in mind if I need to narrow down the budget range I would say that the average women’s promise ring costs between $100-$350 and the average men’s promise ring costs around $100-$200.

But please keep in mind that averages tend to mislead and there is no right or wrong. This range is based on my experience and my research but as corny as it may sound – it’s the thought that counts (and I mean it!).

Let’s examine what are our options…

Women's Promise Rings Under $100

There is actually quite a variety of rings under $100 – including from jewelry retailers such as Zales and Kay Jewelers. What characterizes promise rings under a $100 is the use of Sterling Silver (vs gold or platinum) and the gem types.

The gems that are used such as Sapphires and Amethyst are more common and affordable. Also, usually the merchants use lab-grown / synthetics to reduce the price. In case diamonds are used, they are using accent diamonds in low quality.

But don’t get me wrong – none of the above means that the ring will be any less beautiful. It just means that it is not the same product / same material as the ones sold for higher prices.

Women's Promise Rings $100-$200

Somewhere as we pass the $100 mark, the number of options we have gets bigger… The gems themselves are getting bigger and more notable. The available types of gems will feature more options – including black diamonds, pink tourmalines, aquamarine, and citrines. And last but definitely not least – you can now find engraved promise rings.

All of the above features will allow you a lot of room to create the perfect personalized promise ring. Either by engraving your names or the date you’ve met or by choosing her favorite color due to the number of gems now available or even by selecting the gem according to her birthstone…

Women's Promise Rings $200-$500

Taking it up a notch with diamonds weight going from 0.10ct to 0.20ct total weight (meaning all diamonds together). As a side note, please don’t be dazzled by the fact it has diamonds – diamond prices are complicated and there are no free gifts. These are not the diamonds you see in engagement rings… However, design-wise, these diamond promise rings now have the appearance of smaller more delicate engagement rings.

Now, you’ll also have your choice of metal – gold promise rings are now in the game… Last but not least – the designs are getting more interesting and more complicated – featured designs include knot promise rings, infinity promise rings, and heart shape promise rings.

Women's Promise Rings $500-$1,000

The main difference is that now diamonds are getting bigger and better. The total diamond weight can reach even to 1/3 carat. Also, price now enables three stones promise rings which is a common design choice for promise rings.

Now that you know the answer to promise rings prices and what you’re getting for it, I have to say that to my opinion you asked the wrong question… And here is the right one:

How Much Should I Spend On a Promise Ring?

Please do us all a favor and don’t confuse the price of the ring with its meaning. The meaning of a promise ring is quite simple – “I love you and I’m committed to you”.

And at least for me, as a woman, even with the chance it sounds like a cliché – I have to say that it’s the thought that counts…

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