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How to Give a Promise Ring? Proposals Dos and Don’ts!

How To Give A Promise Ring

Whenever you give a gift you want it to be special, and you can’t wait to see to face of your loved one as they open it up.

When giving a promise ring you need to spend some time into planning how you are going to give the promise ring to your girl?

You want this to be a happy memory, this most probably will be your first significant couple memory, and yet you need to be careful she will not mistake it for a proposal.

So, How is this Done?

First you need to decide on the right date Be sure to pick the date in advance, it can be her birthday or your one year anniversary for example, also holidays are a great opportunity to present a promise ring while you are exchanging gifts.

Next plan how you will give her the promise ring? Make it special for her! You know you girl by now, think what will make her happy? Would it be a great restaurant and a ring for desert? Is she the girl that prefers a nurture hike and a picnic basket? Maybe your girl is not into any of these gestures? You can always go for the simple surprise element – slip the ring to her bag and have a nice surprise waiting for her there. Of-course you have to be there when she finds the ring! You still have a promise to pledge to her.

Last but not least – plan what you will say to her while presenting her with the promise ring. What do you want to promise your girl with this ring? Express your love to her, your devotion and commitment. You might want to quote a song if you want it to be more romantic, or even write your own speech if your love declarations are your ?!?!?. Do make sure to first think if this a pre-engagement ring that will be replaced in the future with a marriage proposal. If so you can promise her that as well. Otherwise be careful not to mislead her and stick with your promises to love her.

What Shouldn't You Do When Presenting Her The Ring?

Whatever special way of giving the ring you had in mind, DO NOT go overboard, do not plan some extravagant pretension of the promise ring, It’s not the time to throw a huge party with every one you know to witness this ceremony. Try to keep it more on the casual side, a lovely yet private moment for you and her to express your love and commitment.

Whatever you do, DO NOT kneel one knee when you give it, that is a sure way to get her mistaken the ring for an engagement ring. Heads up – if you are together for many years, or you know your lady is eagerly expecting a proposal – might want to think of a different jewelry a gift.

How to Give a Promise Ring for a Man?

Guys wear promise rings! For a long time now… In fact, there is a vast collection of men’s promise rings and they are quite cool.

Your guy will be happy to receive a promise ring too, so how do you present a promise ring to him? Actually, it’s quite similar to how we girls like to receive the ring, pick a date that has meaning to him specifically or the two of you as a couple.

Usually, a guy would prefer this to be a more private venue for love declarations. Try to put yourself in his shoes and really plan it to his likeness. It seems an all-time favorite way to give your boyfriend a promise ring is breakfast in bed.

How to Give a Promise Ring as a Couple?

Some couples decide together on getting a promise ring for both – couples rings.

The above couple’s ring, for example, can feature musical notes of your favorite song.

If you are one of these couples who already discussed getting promises rings you don’t have to worry about the surprise factor or what will you say when you present the rings. Do take the time to plan a special day that will include choosing your rings together, they can match but don’t have to, every couple makes his own promise rings.

In addition plan on doing some of your favorite couple activities after the ring shopping to make it a more memorable milestone in your relationship.

Hope this helps you, May your promises last and your love thrive.

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