Promise Rings

What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On? What Hand?

A lot of people contemplating buying a promise ring find themselves asking the same two questions:

  1. What finger do you wear a promise ring on?
  2. What hand does a promise ring go on?!

The short answer is: you can wear your promise ring on any finger you want and on any hand you want!

There is no right or wrong!

But, since there really is a lot of confusion around these questions I want to elaborate a bit further, starting with which hand and finger does a promise ring USUALLY go on?

Also, at the end… there is another option that you may have not considered but is going on quite strong…

Starting With Your Left Hand:

Women’s promise rings can basically be worn on any finger you want, however, you should take into consideration whether this is a promise ring or a pre-engagement ring?

If so you can wear it on the ring finger (the fourth finger) of your left hand as a placeholder to be replaced in the future by an engagement ring. Do keep in mind that if you place it on your left ring finger you will need to switch fingers for it when you do replace with an engagement ring, that might mean you will need to resize your promise ring as not all fingers are equally sized even if you just want to switch it to your right-hand ring finger.

Promise ring worn on the left hand

On the other hand, if you want to be sure it won’t be mistaken for an engagement ring and avoid some awkward discussions around it – stay clear of this finger, you can choose any other finger to your liken.

And What About The Right Hand?

In a similar way to the left hand, you can put it on your right ring fingers but you can also choose to wear your promise rings on any of the other fingers. The plus side to wearing it on your right-hand ring finger is that you can keep on wearing it on the same finger long after you are engaged and also happily married. Therefore no worries about resizing the ring.

Promise ring worn on the right hand

Still confused?

You can always choose to place your promise ring as a pendant around the neck…

The good news is that since there are no strict rules when it comes to wearing promise rings – you can’t get it wrong 🙂

So feel free to wear your promise however you want!

How To Wear Your Promise Ring on Neither Hand...?

There can be a dozen reasons why one of the you wouldn’t want or even can’t wear a promise ring – and switching hands or fingers won’t resolve it. It can be the simple fact that you are not used to wearing a ring, or that you are an athlete and it bothers you (even though today there are very cool silicone promise rings for that…) – but there is a nice solution around it.

Meet the promise necklace. It can either as simple as putting the promise ring on any necklace or necklaces with designs that are similar to promise rings. There are many ideas and styles that you can “harness” to make it work.

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