Promise Rings

What is a Promise Ring & What Does it REALLY Mean?

Promise Rings Meaning

There are lots of interpretations to what promise rings are and the meaning behind them and with these with them A LOT of misinformation and an abundance of confusion. I’m here to try and put things back into order! So let’s start at the beginning…

What is a Promise Ring?

As with all presents, first and foremost it’s a gift – a token of love just like any other gift. Now, if that gift is in the shape of a hoop (like a ring), and you take that gift, wrap it around in a nice little box from a jewelry store – it gets a very significant meaning…

Promise Ring Definition

I just love Urban Dictionary’s definitions for up to date matters and here it is:

“A ring a boy gives a girl, usually in college, to signify he intends on marrying her, but that they’ll wait until they’re older. Usually a very simple ring (for broke college students), with a little heart in some way. Can be very romantic.”

What is a Promise Ring
What is a Promise Ring - The definition

Promise Ring Meaning

The meaning of a promise ring is that you are committed to each other and vow to love and honor one another.

Sounds familiar? Not a coincidence! 

It also means that you’re in love and you are young or at the beginning of the relationship and not quite ready for marriage – this is where the promise ring comes in. It’s an unwritten agreement couples make. Because of that, it is often referred to as a pre-engagement ring or even a commitment ring.

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Now, I don’t want to sound gender-biased but we can assume there are two ways to get a promise ring:

  1. You are buying the rings as a couple.
  2. He gave you the ring.

If you are part of the second group – whether you are the guy looking to give the promise ring or the girl that received it, by flying solo there is are additional though maybe implicit meanings.

What Does a Promise Ring Mean for Him?

This guy means it! Just like a proposal (yes), it requires a leap of faith and openness to share your feelings. I don’t know about you but to me it is far from being obvious. Putting yourself out there, being the first to “pop the question” (well not THE question but still) – it is serious & he is serious.

What Qualifies as a Promise Ring?

Just like there are no “rules” for engagement rings, there are no rules to what makes a promise ring. To me, the beautiful thing about it is that any ring from anywhere can be a promise ring – it can be a $50 Walmart ring or a $1,000 ring from Zales promise rings collection – all that counts is the meaning behind the giving.

BUT, there are customs and styles that often go hand in hand with these beauties…

  1. The ring’s design often symbolizes togetherness or commitment. As such, the following styles are often used:
    1. Knot promise rings
    2. Heart promise rings
    3. Infinity promise rings
    4. Diamond promise rings (usually small diamonds)
  2. Being a pre-engagement ring the price is far more subtle. Again, there is no rule of thumb but while the average engagement ring price in the US is $6,000 (THAT’s ALOT), promise ring prices are likely to be less than a $1,000.

Additional Interpretations to the Promise Ring

While probably 95% of the people searching for promise rings do it for romantic reasons (and I assume you too)… over the years it has gotten additional interpretations. A while back while searching for a promise ring myself, I’ve encountered Kay Jewelers website that said the following:

“”A promise ring doesn’t have to be just for a committed couple. It could also symbolize a promise to yourself or a promise between friends. Whatever the occasion, a promise ring is a beautiful symbol of dedication and devotion.”

That of course could easily be done by stepping aside from the cute styles and taking a more simple approach…

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